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Contemporary Figures

Welcome to my professional Art Portfolio. One of my defining principles is establishing an open dialogue between form and function in all aspects of my artwork. Look through my work to see this in action, and get in touch for more information.

Full Reclining Pose of a Woman with a skeleton

Reclining of a Lady 
Acrylics on Canvas 40"x40"
5000 Dollars

Seated Pose f A Lady #2  
Acrylics on Canvas framed 36"x24"
3000 Dollars 


Reclining Pose of a Lady #2
Acrylics on Canvas framed
3000 Dollars  24"x36"

Self Portrait #3
Acrylics on Canvas framed 36"x48" 5000 Dollars 


Le Reve' ( The Dream)
Acrylics on Canvas Silver framed
38x24 inches 2500 Dollars 

Seated Pose of a Lady #3
Acrylics on Canvas framed 
3000 Dollars 

Half Reclining Pose of Lady 24"x36" Acrylics on Canvas

3000 Dollars 

Seated. pose of A Lady #4
Soft Pastel 19"x25"
1500 Dollars 

Self Portrait
Acrylics on Canvas framed  36"x 24"
3000 Dollars 

Surreal Mother Nature
Giclee' Print on Canvas Framed 30"x30"
3000 Dollars   


Mother Nature in Torment
Oils on Canvas 30"x40 "
5000 Dollars 

Seated pose of Lady #2

Acrylics on Canvas 24"x36"

3000 Dollars  

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