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Personal Statement

My artistic journey has evolved with an innate talent to create captivating paintings. The achievements in my present work is based on experience , skill and discipline. Simultaneously, the period of Art Genres my paintings pertain to is from Impressionism to the 21st Century of Modern Art.  

Moreover; during my career I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in many collaborative projects, as well as exhibiting in a solo capacity, which has solidified my reputation in the art world. 


"Artists have often influenced each other, and I believe the most notable aspect in creating a Painting is when the Artist can reveal in each brush mark the play of Light, Values of Color, Form , Space and Composition together."

Nevertheless, I have exhibited in several cities in the East Coast of United States, along with exhibitions in the Chelsea District of Manhattan New York.
Now living in the West Coast I have been notable for selling Art and exhibiting in numerous occasions at the San Diego Art Institute of the Living Artists , Del Mar Art Center , San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, Gallery 104 in San Clemente and the Forest and Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach. I have also attained honorable mentions and awards from Art Juried competitions as Bonita Museum ,North Park Art Festival , La Jolla Art Association ,and North County Society of Fine Arts while working at Sea World.

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